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Daniel Christopher Hightower


Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening,

Whosever is reading this and my resume, I appreciate the time you have taken to open my file and consider me for employment. Based off my resume, I can tell you that I’m a driven employee who takes the initiative, effortlessly bonds with manager and fellow workers and will get the job done when you need it done or earlier. I consider myself a jack of all trades, I have manager experience leading teams, I have customer service experience speaking and understanding their needs and wants to make the sale. My military service sets me above the average worker, having given me discipline and maturity and a unique work ethic I use for every job I work. I like to start entry level and work my way up the company. If you have an opening for management instead, I would gladly accept that responsibility also. Again, thank you for the time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you and how soon I can help make your company better my first day.

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