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Romario Pierre


Dear Hiring Manager,
As a competent and forward-thinking professional with a background in information security and technology management and my dedication to safeguarding organizations against evolving cyber threats, I would like to bring my A-game and leverage my communication, leadership, relational, and problem-solving talents as an Information Technology Specialist. In addition, I possess a wide range of knowledge that will enable me to add value to your company.
My resume, a testament to a robust career filled with significant achievements in technology systems acquisition, program management, and I.T. systems development and maintenance, barely scratches the surface of my commitment to excellence and innovation in the I.T. sector. My expertise spans planning and executing requirements for conventional and standardized information systems, ensuring the alignment of I.T. infrastructure with strategic organizational goals.
Noteworthy Benchmarks:
Ø  Optimized email and distribution list management by creating, deleting, and modifying user accounts and distros utilizing DEPO, enhancing communication workflows.
Ø  Implemented secure I.T. protocols to safeguard network integrity by efficiently managing domain interactions, including adding and removing computers.
Ø  Engineered and maintained an end-user device configuration management system within the network printer infrastructure, significantly improving device operation through meticulous setup modifications and driver updates.
Ø  Initiated and resolved system diagnostics and troubleshooting procedures, ensuring swift resolution of hardware, software, and network malfunctions and maintaining high system availability and reliability.
Ø  Commended for outstanding contribution to the Configuration Tool Kit, efficiently accounting for 348 property items valued at over $1.1 million, showcasing exceptional organizational and asset management proficiency.
Ø  Recognized for exemplary performance as a Supply Technician for FOI, demonstrating outstanding competence and dedication to operational excellence from November 2018 to March 2019.
The culturally diverse work environments I have experienced have led me to adapt to new settings around me. I can positively impact your organization with my strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and passion for innovation. Thank you for considering my application. I want to discuss further how my skills and experience align with your requirements. Please find my attached resume for additional details.
Romario Pierre

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